Boosie Badazz says #nobiloxinomore (official audio below)


The biggest artist from Louisiana and arguably The South, Boosie Badazz was finesed out of $1M in jewelry (allegedly) by the Biloxi, Mississippi police.  In an instagram post the cultural icon and rap mogul is urging all his fans to literally boycott the city of Biloxi.  Earlier this week Boosie was in a mall in Biloxi when Boosie, family, and entourage were pepper sprayed for no apparent reason.  The artist also says his $1M bag of jewelry was missing after a police search.  Mississippi is known for being one of the most racist states in the United States as well as Louisiana,  the home state of Boosie.  This can actually be a greater move towards change in how police and race relations between minorities are handled because the Louisiana rapper has a following like no other.  Boosie also says he will meet with his probation officer to set up a press conference in Biloxi Mississippi on the steps of the courthouse to let the world know if this injustice.  I think Boosie is right, “They’re playing with the right one”.