WTF!!!???  The Tennesseean reports that on Oct. 28th Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, TN will be having a (smh) ” WHITE LIVES MATTER ” rally.  An alliance of several white nationalist groups — including those involved in an August rally in Charlottesville, Va. — has announced plans for a “ White Lives Matter ” rally this month in Tennessee.  The event was initially named “Unite the Right 2.0” which would be a “to be continued” of the Charlottesville Riot.  Saturday Oct. 7th 40 to 50 racists gathered yet again in Charlottesville bearing torches and chanting in unison  “You will not replace us” .

Who is suppose to be replacing these idiots and when are they going to be replaced?  The white nationalist groups involved in the White Lives Matter rally are the KKK, Neo Nazis, Neo Confederates, and a host of other losers.

On Thursday, the Shelbyville Police Department confirmed it had been notified Tuesday by Hill, of League of the South, about the group’s plans to rally Oct. 28 on sidewalks in Shelbyville from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., said Lt. Brian Crews.  The rally participants aren’t seeking a permit, Crews said, as they aren’t requesting any streets to be closed for the rally.  “This won’t be just one city,” said Brad Griffin, a League of the South member and one of the event organizers. “It’ll be two to three.”

On Saturday, The National Socialist Movement, a pro-white organization based out of Detroit, MI, said the group’s “street action” will also be taking place in Murfreesboro as well as Shelbyville, according to a statement.

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