Comedian Famous Amos has began the month of Oct. 2018 with the 1st ever #IBetYouWontStopTheViolence Walk from Leland, Ms to Memphis, Tn.  From Leland to Memphis is approximately 141 miles and on GPS a 45 hour walk.  Famous is calling out everyone from Leland to Memphis and everywhere in between to walk with him to stop the violence.  This is one of the most positive proactive attempts to bring awareness to need to stop senseless violence in Mississippi and Tennessee the citizen have seen in a long time.  Famous Amos is known for his comedic dance moves but he has absolutely shown his serious side today as he uses his platform to bring together people from all walks of life to walk for peace.  Famous has been going live on FB all day walking through Leland, Shaw, Cleveland and all surrounding area and will end his #IBetYouWontStopTheViolence Walk in Memphis, Tn.  We will be following Famous Amos throughout this epic journey. (see FB Live posts below)

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