Benny Hunna launches BennyHunna.com

Who is Benny Hunna ???

Benny Hodge, a Tennessee business owner and Mississippi native, has recently merged with wolfoftherapgame.com to launch BennyHunna.com. Benny Hunna is a hiphop artist, marketing specialist, and entertainment mogul. BennyHunna.com will focus of music, culture, fashion, breaking news and networking with other businesses to form a network of partners

Benny Hunna on TMZ

December 21, 2014 TMZ reported of a rapper from Mississippi in litigation with one of the world’s biggest Japanese hibachi restaurants, Benihana. Benihana made claims that the name Benny Hunna would cause a “likelihood of confusion” and also that the name would cause “delusion”. After years of litigation. as of which Benny Hunna trademarks was defended by its owner Benny Hodge, the owner’s of the Benihana trademarks submitted to the USPTO a Motion of Voluntary Dismissal.

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