Million Dollaz Worth of Game is a Youtube Podcast hosted by Gillie Da King and social media influencer Wallo267. On this week on the weekly podcast MDWG interviews J Prince, J Prince Jr., and Mike Prince (The Prince Family) of the Houston based Rap A Lot Records. The entire interview is pretty much centered around the night of Atlanta hip hop artist Takeoff of the Migos tragic death after a shooting while in the company of the Prince Family in Houston. J Prince says in this interview that the situation ignited after a member of Quavo and Takeoff’s entourage initiated the attack without a “green light” from anyone “turning a misdemeanor into a felony”, in the words of J Prince.

J Prince Jr also explains his take on that night and breaks down the controversial video footage of him after the shooting had transpired. Man!!! There is a lot being said on this podcast that is an hour in length from legal documents being exposed to a one point in the interview bring up Offset, the 3rd member of the Migos who was not present that night and is rumored to be on “bad terms” with the group as well as their record label QC. Apparently Offset caught wind of the podcast and sent a message to the Prince Family which is now circulating the internet.

If you haven’t seen the Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast with the Prince Family yet tune in now the link is below.

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