Who Is The New Speaker Of The House Kevin McCarthy?

Who Is The New Speaker Of The House Of Representatives?

In the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Kevin McCarthy proudly represents California’s 23rd congressional district. With the straightforward commitment to “have the courage to lead with the wisdom to listen,” Kevin battles every day in Washington on behalf of the residents of California’s 23rd Congressional District and for the future of this country.

Kevin O’s Deli, his own modest business, was built from the ground up when he was 21 years old.
As he put in a lot of effort, hired staff, and saw success in his neighborhood, he soon discovered—as do all small business owners—that the margins are tight, the hours are long, and that Sacramento and Washington are frequently hindrances rather than enablers of success. To pay for college and graduate school at California State University, Bakersfield, he liquidated his business.

Victory After 15 Ballots

Kevin McCarthy has been chosen as Speaker of the House of Representatives after 15 votes, a midnight vote, and a close encounter in the revered halls of Congress.

The California congressman was able to persuade enough of the 20 holdout Republicans to back him—or at the very least, not expressly oppose—his campaign for the Speaker’s gavel by a combination of cajoling, arm-twisting, and finger-jabbing.

But it wasn’t simple to convince those stubborn Republicans to join.
In order to limit his own power and strengthen the influence of conservatives in the House of Representatives, Mr. McCarthy was forced to make important promises and compromises.

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